The Brand that Launched A Thousand Virtual Stores

Let’s role-play for a minute. Imagine that you were born and raised in South Korea (fun fact: South Koreans are the 2nd hardest working people in the entire world.)  You really pride yourself on your dedicated work ethic. In fact, you’re so busy working hard and being super successful at your job that you barelyContinue reading “The Brand that Launched A Thousand Virtual Stores”

Aerie Says Goodbye to Photoshop (and why it matters)

Finally.  For the first time in what seems like forever, teenagers will get the chance to see real women in an advertising campaign! Aerie, a lingerie and sleepwear brand from American Eagle Outfitters, is celebrating real beauty by featuring models who are not digitally enhanced in any way.  The “Aerie Real” campaign models aren’t airbrushed, Photoshopped,Continue reading “Aerie Says Goodbye to Photoshop (and why it matters)”

BIG Brand, BIG Idea

Open Happiness. Catch the Wave.   Enjoy.  Make it Real.   The Coke Side of Life.  Life tastes Good. Coca-Cola has used dozens of slogans over the years.  They’ve executed tons of campaigns and created millions of beautifully designed print ads and billboards.  Coke is known for constantly evolving, being innovative and using new technologyContinue reading “BIG Brand, BIG Idea”

Top 5 Brand Moments on Twitter in 2013 (and what to learn from them)

2013 was filled with  innovative and brilliant social media moments from some awesome brands.   Let’s take a look at my personal favorites and see what brands can learn from them as we start off the new year. 5. Wendy’s Pretzel Pub Chicken Love Stories Wendy’s made thousands of consumers laugh in October of 2013 whenContinue reading “Top 5 Brand Moments on Twitter in 2013 (and what to learn from them)”