Tweet like a Pro on Super Bowl Sunday

It’s our Grammys, Tony Awards, Oscars and Emmys all rolled into one.

The best of the best prevail, and the entire country watches.

Oh yeah, and some people play football too.

I’m, of course, talking about the Super Bowl.  Ad people across America tune in to see what brands are paying big bucks for those coveted 30-second spots. Each year, more and more people join the online conversation to talk about which commercials they loved, and which ones they hated.

If you’re like me (you take bathroom breaks while the game is on and wait with batted breath until the next ad so you can tweet about it) and you want to actively participate in the social media conversation, then you need a game plan, just like the players on the field. Here, I’ve compiled a guide for tweeting like a pro on Sunday!  You’ll find the best hashtags to follow and other resources so that you can celebrate the Super Bowl like the greatest Mad Men and Mad Women out there!

Let your voice be heard: 

3 Percent Conference Tweet-up  Female creative directors at some of the best advertising agencies in the county will be drinking beer, watching the commercials and live-tweeting their thoughts on the Super Bowl ads this Sunday.  Boston-ers will congregate at Hill Holliday, while San Francisco-ers chill at The Hive.  They’ll discuss both the portrayal of women in the TV spots, and the genuine creativity of the ads!  I’m so excited to see what these ladies have to say about the commercials. You can join in on the conversation too, by following and tweeting with the hashtag #3percentsb.  All the males folks out there can get involved too, with the hashtag #admen.


The lovely ladies at the 3 Percent Conference have also provided us with this nifty scorecard to keep track of the ads!  I’m definitely printing this out for Sunday! Game on!


#AdScrimmageWant to weigh in on the best and the worst of the Super Bowl commercials?!  Watch, tweet and vote for your favorites in Twitter’s Ad Scrimmage!  Voting starts on Sunday as soon as the first commercial airs and ends on Tuesday!  Follow along with the hashtag #AdScrimmage to see what other people think!  Rock the vote!


#NotBuyingIt– Sick of sexists ads? (I feel ya!)  Call out brands that portray women in a sexist, offensive way using the hashtag #NotBuyingIt. RSVP to the Facebook Event and learn how you can get more involved.


By the Numbers:

#BrandBowl– So, you like numbers?  Then this idea, originally conceived by Mullen in partnership with Radian6, is totally perfect for you.  #BrandBowl analyzes public reaction to advertisements during the Super Bowl. now handles the scoring with Pointslocal by evaluating the chatter on Twitter to determine which brand performed best.  They use this specific formula:

(Positive tweets + Neutral tweets – Negative tweets)/ Total brand tweets.

The brand with the highest score will be crowned the winner of the 2014 #BrandBowl (Volkswagon’s “Game Day” Commercial was last year’s winner)!  The battle is on!  See how brands are doing here.

#Hashtag Bowl– Analysts everywhere, rejoice!  MarketingLand and Hootsuite will be examining how social media is leveraged during the Super Bowl.  They’ll track and tally the social media mentions during Super Bowl commercials and report on pre- and post-game news and analytics.  Check the latest stats here.


Additional Resources:

@superbowlad– Check out the latest news in Super Bowl commercials, and take a walk down memory lane to see all your favorite past SuperBowl ads at this website’s archives.

Super-bowl An entire site dedicated to Super Bowl ads.  Need I say more?

Tweetchat– Want to follow some of the hashtags listed above?  This site allows you to show all tweets with a specific hashtag  in a continuous, organized stream.  I used this site all the time, and highly recommend it if you want to follow #3percentsb, #NotBuyingIt, #AdScrimmage, #BrandBowl, or more!

I hope this post helped you to get ready for Sunday?  Who else is excited? I can’t wait to read all your tweets!

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Lauren is an Account Executive at DigitasLBI in Boston. She lives for social media, a cappella & the amazing recipes & DIY crafts she finds on Pinterest.

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