5 Things Ad Students Should Do Over Break

Most college students spend their spring break partying in Cancun and soaking up the sun. But some students may chose to take a bit of a different route… like me! Boston University’s College of Communication sponsors a yearly Spring Break trip for Advertising students in the Big Apple! We’ll be visiting some of the top advertising agencies in the country like (R/GA, Publicis Kaplan Thaler, Grey, Giant Spoon, Firstborn and even Google!
I’m SOO excited!

But, for aspiring advertisers who are taking it easy this Spring Break at home, fear not! You can do so much more than binge-watch TV shows on Netflix and take every quiz on BuzzFeed.

1. Update your resume

Make some edits to your resume. Add what you completed last semester and delete what is either irrelevant or unimportant. Here’s a list of 6 changes you can make that will make a huge difference! While you’re at it, also, order some business cards! I used VistaPrint to order mine, and they turned out great. It’s useful to carry them around in case you ever run into someone important!

2. Create a website and start a blog

When potential employers Google search you, you want them to find only professional, interesting information. That’s why having your own website and brand is really important. Sites likes WordPress, Weebly, Squarespace allow you to show off your resume and any presentations or work that you’ve done! If you already have one, spruce it up a little to make sure it’s in tip-top shape.

Aspiring social media professionals, strategists and copywriters should also take the time to hone in on their skills by writing a blog. It can be about anything, but it should be authentic and should show off your writing style and voice. WordPress is a great platform to use, but other sites work too. Try to post somewhat frequently (I have a schedule for what I’ll be writing about, but I also post about current campaigns sporadically as well!)

3. Work on your portfolio

Haven’t started yet? I suggest CargoCollective because it has some clean, interesting designs and it’s very easy to use. Heads up though, you have to “apply” for an account, so you’ll be contacted shortly once you put in your information.

If you already have one, use this time to touch it up. Add an element to any of your campaigns to show you can think across multiple platforms (maybe social, experiential or out of home). Make sure you make it cohesive though. When you get back to school, show it to on of your professors or intern coordinators so they can take a look at it and make suggestions.

4. Network, Network, Network

I’ve participated in many Tweetchats Tweetchats, and they’re a great time/place to network with other people (it’s basically live-chatting through Twitter). Here’s a schedule of all the Tweetchats out there (I suggest #LikeableChat, #InternPro, #PinChat, #PRSSAchat, etc.)

Also, use this time to connect with professionals. If you’re applying for a summer internship or a job, send out some emails, tweet at companies that you like, message people on LinkedIn and make an effort to get your name out there. Share a link to your website with them to show off your work! Don’t be shy!

5. Learn a new skill
Just because you’re not sitting in a classroom doesn’t mean you should stop learning. Take this time to gain more knowledge. Learn HTML (CodeAcademy is a great resource!) Photoshop, Final CutPro, After Effects, etc. Now’s the time to do it!

Will you be doing any of these things over break? Let me know! I’ll try and write about my experiences checking out the awesome ad agencies in NYC, so keep an eye out for that!

Published by laurenhaslett

Lauren is an Account Executive at DigitasLBI in Boston. She lives for social media, a cappella & the amazing recipes & DIY crafts she finds on Pinterest.

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